Christmas Parties

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have the honour to invite you to organize the Christmas Party in Branicki Hotel in Białystok. 

By organizing your company's Christmas Party in our Hotel you have the guarantee of highest standard of service as well as the satisfaction of hosting your party in the best and most elegant venue in our region.

We prepare a special menu for every Christmas Party, taking into consideration our guests' tastes and preferences. Our experience is at your disposal and we will be happy to help you with your every concern.

At your disposal is our ball room which can comfortably seat up to 100 people and can be divided into smaller rooms.

Sample suggestions for the Christmas menu:

Christmas dinner

  • Herrings in spices
  • Cabbage and mushroom dumplings
  • Beetroot soup with ravioli
  • Carp in spices with potato dumplings and fried cabbage
  • Traditional wheat with honey, poppyseed and fruit
  • Dried fruit compote
  • Coffee or tea

Price: 80.00 zł/person

Christmas buffet

Hot buffet

  • Fish meatballs and vegetable soup
  • Fried cod, mushrooms and potato slices
  • Cabbage fried with muchrooms
  • Cabbage and mushroom dumplings

Cold buffet

  • Greek-style fish
  • Herring with onion and pickled mushrooms
  • Pikeperch terrine
  • Carp in aspic
  • Vegetable salad
  • Mixed salad with smoked trout

Desserts, drinks

  • Traditional wheat with honey and poppyseed
  • Gingerbread with nuts and dried fruit
  • Sponge cake with poppyseed
  • Dried fruit compote
  • Coffee or tea
  • Mineral water

Price: 80,00 zł/person


Price 100.00 zł/person

Hot buffet

  • Mushroom cream soup with choux pastry balls
  • Fish soup with artichoke
  • Fried cod in leek-chanterelle sauce
  • Pikeperch rolls in lemon sauce
  • Carp in grey sauce
  • Potato rissoles, potato dumplings, rice with vegetables
  • Grilled mushrooms
  • Cabbage fried with mushrooms
  • Boiled vegetables
  • Lentils and mushrooms dumplings

Cold buffet

  • Spiced herring
  • Herring in cranberry-horseradish sauce
  • Stuffed carp
  • Salmon in aspic
  • Smoked trout with pear and cocktail sauce
  • Seafood choudfroid
  • Iceberg lettuce with tuna
  • Mixed salad with soft cheeses and seeds
  • Vegetable salad with quail eggs

Desserts, drinks

  • Spiced fruit-and-nuts layer cake
  • Cranberry jelly drink
  • Fruit-and-nuts cheesecake
  • Poppy-seed cake
  • Dried fruit compote
  • Mineral water
  • Coffe/tea

The above menu can be modified and adjusted depending on your wishes and needs.

The dates can be reserved by phone - (085) 665 25 08 or by emailing us at:

We are looking forward to your Christmas Party!

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